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She of the Sea

 The community of professional Women in the Superyacht industry, and the men who support them.

The Vision

SHe of the sea

United Industrywide Action towards growth.

We are cultivating equality, realising potential and celebrating diversity.

This is the platform to connect and champion each other towards excellence.


Combining the resources and network of the shore side industry, with the wealth of experience, knowledge and journeys of the women working at sea, we are reaching critical mass.

We see an industry where any gender can pursue any career. No more female Captains, only Captains. The time is now.

Current Action


Uniting the many sectors of the industry in the spirit of collaboration to use their own unique platforms to cultivate diversity. Crew agents, training providers, management companies and of course the yachts themselves are setting unique and achievable targets to move our industry forward.

Next Gen

Letting young women know they can be the Captain, they can be the engineer.  She of the Sea is collaborating with schools and STEM programs world wide to broaden the horizons of the next generation.


Promoting a constant flow of women in epaulets, in the engine room and the bridge. Providing an alternative narrative of a Womans role in the Superyacht industry. Celebrating the trail blazing women for future generations.


Connecting the ever growing community of female Captains, officers, deck crew and engineers, as well as the men and businesses that support them.

Creating meaningful connections between real people behind change within our industry.


"She who holds the pen, writes history"

Including the female perspective and narrative in the industries media is an important step to normalising diversity. She of the Sea is collaborating and being featured by the leading Superyacht platforms.

Podcast, articles, guest columns and more below.


Making vital career information available to all that seek it removes barriers, taking the luck out of career progression and empowering those that want to, to excell in their chosen field.