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Church House Investment Management

We would like to see diversity and a culture of inclusivity across both the yachting and financial sectors. It is well documented that women engage with their finances far less than men, and those in the yachting industry both male and female are typically less engaged with their finances than those in other industries.

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Who are they?

Church House has a highly regarded 20 year track record of managing the assets of HNW families, charities, trusts and institutional clients. We are also proud to offer dedicated investment advice and financial planning to yacht crew past and present. We offer specialist investment advice, guidance on tax; offering a range of tax effective solutions to protect your tax free status on your return to land, pensions, succession planning and cash flow modelling. Liquidity (i.e. access to your funds) and control are key factors in our strategy. Investors decide if and when they may like to make contributions to their portfolio, and portfolios can be started from as little as £500. As fund managers, we offer complete transparency of your investments and this helps us control risk down to the last penny invested. The use of our own funds in client portfolios also enables us to keep costs down, which in turn helps to boost returns. At Church House we offer a personal and approachable service and we enjoy working with first time investors who may need extra support and guidance. Church House is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  At Church House we actively encourage women to become engaged in their finances and investing in particular. We run regular educational seminars and work with industry publications to raise awareness of this topic. 

We were also thrilled when Emma Parkes, our yacht crew specialist, was a finalist in the Investment Week “Women in Investment Awards”. These awards promote greater diversity in the investment and banking sectors and celebrate the achievements of women in the industry.

Assigned Senior Sponsor
Emma Parkes
Investment Manager


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