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Maria Grazia Franco

Favourite part of her job:

Living and travelling the oceans is a life enriching experience. Getting to know many places and many cultures opens up your mind. And creating unique and unrepeatable moments for your guests give you a great satisfaction; knowing that you are making for them unforgettable memories. And among sunrises and sunsets with breathtaking colors, days full of professional challenges and a life of personal sacrifices, you look around you and you still tell yourself that you have a fantastic job!

Advice for the next generation

I always believed that through hard work, commitment, enthusiasm, preparation, studying, continuous investment in yourself, and love for your job, sooner or later you could achieve what you wanted. It could be a hard and long road for a female in the yachting industry, but if you want to make this job your life career, you have to accept it. And get up after every failure, no matter how many times. Yes, it may take you more time to get where you want to, compared to your male counterpart, but use that extra time to your advantage, to be better and more prepared than your counterpart, when your time finally comes. And don't use difficulties as an excuse for giving up. Believe in yourself, believe you can do it, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Love what you do, no matter what. Only if you don't love it enough it is not worth the fight.

Master CoC

Motor Yacht 55m



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