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Stella Marina

Favourite part of her job:

I am sure I have written about the magical "take off" moment previously, when you feel the hull power up underneath you, when the boat starts to heel and dig a trench in the water. The empowerment felt in this moment for me is immeasurable, as with each surge forward, your horizon seems a little closer.

It is this feeling I would like to share with more people, I would like families from cities, from war zones, from land locked countries, to feel what it is like to know a land with no borders. Because to be a citizen of the ocean is to know this feeling, to be at home in the sea, where all lands are connected is a freedom we are all entitled to and should have the right to experience

Advice for the next generation

You CAN do it, and I am sure you WILL.
Surely the future of the Maritime Industry is in greater equality, gender equality, financial equality, racial equality... With a little support and communication we can make this possible, and provide a better working environment for everyone.

Yachtmaster Offshore Commercially Endorsed




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