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37 South

We see the yachting industry, like many industries is in need of representation in terms of equality, to be held accountable and to set a standard. We firmly stand behind the efforts of She of the Sea and exercise gender equality in all aspects of our business.

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Who are they?

We are a full service superyacht agency based in Auckland New Zealand. We offer all things superyacht including charter, shore support, crew placement, management, refit and sales. The company was founded 35 years ago by two kiwi captains ready to come ashore - and before there was an industry in NZ. Since then the company has supported the Pacific Superyacht industry in numerous ways encouraging the growth of our region and assisting government in developing charter legal systems. We believe in equality across the board and stand firmly behind the efforts of She of the Sea.

Fleur Tomlinson
Charter Director
Assigned Senior Sponsor

Fleur's focus is charter marketing and charter brokerage where she is utilising her skills in public relations. Fleur is passionate about working with people and providing the best service possible, her role with 37South is a great channel for this passion. She is an asset to the company with her enthusiasm for the industry and fresh ideas. Fleur studied in Auckland, New Zealand and holds a Communications Bachelor in Event Management and Advertising.


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