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Live streams

Connecting with the most inspirational and interesting individuals around the world.

We ask the questions we all want to hear about everything from leadership, success principles, career progression and all things Yachting.

Live Q&A is our favourite way of connecting with our community, so keep an eye out for our next session, and catch up on some of our favourites below.

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Captain Kate McCue

Master Unlimited- Celebrirty Edge

Its hard to imagine gaining so much professional and personal value from a 45 minute conversation, yet here we are!

Our chat covered:
-Showing up as yourself at work and why that matters
-How success happens, and paying it forward
-Navigating mistakes and failures
-Key points for organisations who want to embrace diversity and inclusion, and why this works
- Carrying out disciplinary action without being 'the bitch'
and so much more..(we even got a tour of the Bridge..)

Get out your pen and paper for this one...

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Captain Dean Pilatti

Master 3000GT- M/Y Arience

Captain Dean @captainpilatti has a passion for the industry and a heart for crew. He is also on the She of the Sea Advisory board and his main goal is to see this industry at its best.

We talk everything from building cultures, work life balance, how to hire the right crew and how to navigate the blurry personal/ professional boundaries as a leader on a yacht.

If you want to learn from a Captain that leads from the heart and isn't afraid to do things a little differently- this is one to watch!

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Captain Sally-Ann Konigkramer

Master 3000GT M/Y Lady S

Live Q&A with Captain Sally-ann,
One of the few ( but growing number) Female Master 3000GT's. @s.a.k_3000

We sat down and asked your questions, including how she got where she is now, whats next, who inspires her and advice for other women!

WARNING the connection was a bit rubbish at the start, but after a few minutes it comes good


Dawn Riley

Captain/ Engineer on Maiden

The first EVER all female crew in the whitbread round the world, and the first EVER woman to take an active role in the Americas cup.


We talk about her early years, the lessons a life at sea teaches you and the allies that are changing the landscape for women in yachting. *Spoiler alert- potential future opportunity for superyacht crew to train at Oakcliff's high performance sailing centre with Dawn

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 10.11.16

Hanna Eloranta

Lead Deck- M/Y Laurel

Super yacht Hurricane relief action with Lead Deckhand Hanna Eloranta.

Delivering nearly 50 tonnes of aid and rescuing 50 dogs- hear about the operation and her journey so far.


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