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officer of the watch

so you want to be an officer

The first serious step in your career.

Serious in cost, time commitment, and pressure. Challenging yes, but with enough time, training and determination, anyone can achieve it.

Read the article HERE for the step by step guide to getting there, then download the resources and documents to complete your journey.


MSN 1858

Step 1. Inform

Training & Certification Guidance: The Bible.

Sea Service Testimony

Step 2. Prepare

MSN 1858 Annex E

Service Record Book

Step 3. Verify

Issued PYA/ Nautilus

Sea Time Log

Step 2. Prepare

Personal sea time record.

Certificate Of Discharge

Step 2. Prepare

MSN 1858 Annex F

MSF 4343

Step 4. Become Eligible

Application for oral examination (Notice of Eligibility)


Step 2. Prepare

Training Record Book (Yacht less than 3000GT)

Seamans Discharge Book

Step 2. Prepare

Issued by Flag


Step 5. Set the date

Notice of Eligibility

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