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Talk without action is just talking


Its no surprise at all that the organisation known for having its finger well and truly on the pulse of not only our industry, but the wider global climate, recognises that diversity and inclusion will be critical to the sustainability of our industry over the coming years.⁠

Clare Sidwell

Superyacht Investor Conference

Event/ Press

The message is universal and has reached critical mass. The question is no longer “ is diversity good?” but “ how can we harness the many proven benefits”.

Yves Le Marquand

She of the Sea at Warsash's new facilities


She of the Sea and Onboard Online were invited to check out Warsash's new facilities at Solent University. Read the full article below to see if this could be the place for your next course!

Onboard Online- Jenny Matthews

Dockwalk Feature


Dockwalk features She of the Sea in the Crew Created column, eploring the many exciting projects that yacht crew are embarking on around the world

Risa Merl

Nautilus- Gender Equality


Nautilus members Jenny Matthews and Kate Allen speak at the womens Trade and Congress .Jenny Matthews (pictured) spoke on behalf of Nautilus to deliver our motion on Adoption of Best Practice Mentoring Schemes, and she was also compelled to speak to condemn sexual harassment at work.


Superyacht News Guest Colum


Super Yacht News asked She of the Sea to weigh in on the topic of gender equality in the Super Yacht industry. We discuss the positive changes happening, and what we can all do to continue this growth to benefit us all as a whole. Its not who does it better, its how do we be better together!

Jenny Matthews

The Crew Coach - Sexual Harrassment


She of the Sea is invited by Karine, the Crew Coach to discuss sexual harassment in yachting and the steps Captains and crew can take to make sure we all have the safe work environment we all are entitled to.

The Crew Coach

NMIT Class engagement


Jenny heads into the Nelson Malborough Institute of Technology to speak to the current class of superyacht crew in the 3 month course held in sunny Nelson. Sharing insights into what will be awaiting them when they join a vessel, how to progress their careers, and letting the women in the room know that they can be out on deck if they want to be.

Nelson Malborough Institute of technology

Great minds think alike -Pantaenius meets with She Of The Sea


Today we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Jenny Matthews, Founder of She of the Sea, and Anna Schroeder, Marketing Director of Pantaenius Yacht Insurance, to discuss the similarities between the visions of both companies, how they found themselves in their current roles and what the future is for eradicating bias across all sectors, including the yachting industry.


Acrew Crew Award 2019


This year, She of the Sea has been nominated for the" Entrepreneur" award. The votes are in, lets see if we make it to the finals again!


She of the Sea women join 1851 Trusts STEM program


“She of the Sea” founder Jenny Matthews and Co Founder, Natasha Ambrose are thrilled to be joining the 1851 Trust, a Portsmouth based education charity, on their Ineos sponsored America’s Cup STEM Roadshow, visiting secondary schools around the UK from this month.

Yotspot- Vicky Ward



The Young Professionals of Yachting Invited She of the Sea to speak at their monthly meeting held in London. Thank you all for the incredible support and enthusiasm for the project and the amazing input and initiative ideas that came forward!


Dockwalk- Sexual Harrassment


She of the Sea weighs in on what we as officers, Captains and management can do to make our workplaces safer for everyone after the PYA Seating seminar from Carey Secrett, outlining the current issue of sexual harassment in the yachting industry.

Aileen Mac

Superyacht News Feature


One of the first articles on She of the Sea- Thank you Rachel Rowney for you continued support of the project and for using your voice to share the vision

Rachel Rowney

Monaco Yacht Show 2018


She of the Sea joins the panel to discuss Women in Leadership in the seminar held by Acrew at the 2018 Monaco Yacht show

Acrew, Monaco Yacht Show, She of the Sea

Nelson College for Girls


Jenny returns to her old highschool and other schools in the area to speak directly to young women, letting them know they can be the Captain, or the engineer if they want to! letting the next generation of women know the exciting careers to be had in yachting

Nelson College for Girls

Guardian Feature


Matthews and Ambrose, who are both first officers on superyachts, a role that includes helming the vessels, said they decided to launch a scheme dedicated to encouraging women into the top ranks after discovering that more than 95% of yacht captains and first officers were men.

Rupert Neate

1851 Trust- Americas Cup


Future plans with the 1851 trust. A STEM program in partnership with the Ineos | Team UK Americas Cup aimed at inspiring young women to pursue exciting careers through sailing technology.

1851 Trust

Onboard Online Q&A


Onboard online Q&A with She of the Sea

Onboard Online

Women Trade and Union Congress 2019


Jenny sits with Nautilus at the Womens Trade and Union congress in London. We spoke on the topic of sexual harassment in yachting as a call to action from our unions. Watch the speech below

Nautilus, SOTS, TUC

Superyacht Life #Humansofyachting


Superyacht Life features She of the Sea in their #humansofyachting section

Dominique Afacan

Nautilus Feature


Yacht officer raises awareness for 'she of the sea'


Acrew Crew Awards 2018


She of the Sea was nominated for the "Leadership award and made it to the finals. sadley we were unable to attend as the season was still in full swing but congratulations to Marlis Sanders who took out the " Chief Mate" award!