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She of the Sea is all of us, and this is her space

Made from ocean plastics,

Designed to keep up with us, above and below the waves

Created with our communities values sown into every aspect

Premium Quality
Plastic Polluted Ocean

Oceanbalance Recycled Polyesters are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and safe; the regenerated polyester fibre is made from recycled Ocean waste plastics and post consumer plastic bottles.

Reclaimed ocean plastics and Organic Cotton
Woman Cutting Fabric

Fast Fashion and traditional 'Drop shipping'  has a significant negative impact on the world.

We release our clothing in small batches to ensure we only produce what will actually be used, and with the least environmental impact as possible.

No Fast Fashion!

To ensure continued and sustainable impact of our community, 100% of the profits from your purchase will go back in to the She of the Sea platform.


Together we are making real change a reality!

Sustain change and impact

Our Founding Edition release of apparel will only happen once 

The She of the Sea network and community is rapidly expanding around the globe. We want to celebrate the individuals who are part of the journey  at the beginning.

Thats why we created the Founding Edition, for our Founding community.

To ensure we are as sustainable as possible, we are making these available in a small batch, so if you would like early bird access  before we share it with the larger community- let us know how to get connect with you below!

Early bird access please!

Thanks for submitting!

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