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Having spent my childhood living and working on my family's circus & monster truck shows, I feel privileged to have been born into such a unique and naturally accepting environment. Going on to visit close to 100 countries with both family and career, I bring an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion to DmB Yachting Group.

Everything we do is based around finding the very best person for the opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or beliefs. 

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Who are they?

Immersing myself in the Yachting industry since 2007, I worked the next decade from Deckhand to Chief Officer (Superyachts) and Captain (Yachts). I went on to create DmB Yachting Group from a foundation of industry expertise and a passion for helping people succeed, with our unique 4-step methodology & values acronym.

Community & Collaborate - Recruit & Retain - Enhance & Elevate - Worldwide & World Class.

Each of these values we consider essential in our recruitment approach from start to finish. C.R.E.W is the compass that guides our company's vision. We passionately oppose traditional and outdated 'recruitment conveyor belt' methods, believing this adds no value to our clients or the candidates we serve. Instead, we strive to gain a deep understanding of the Yacht, her people and purpose, so we can align experience, skills and goals, resulting in a real Win-Win-Win outcome.

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dean bennett
Assigned Senior Sponsor

I established DmB Yachting Group. Firstly, I’m London born, globally raised and have spent the last 11 years working in the Superyacht industry as chief officer. My passion for sailing begun at an early age and after taking part in several racing regattas my love for being on top of, and diving beneath the waves grew. It has been the people I’ve met and the relationships formed over the last decade working as a chief officer onboard prestigious superyachts that set the foundations for DMB Yachting Group.


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Being privileged to have personally worked in many high-performing and diverse teams, I know the value of equality and will not accept anything less. It is not just diversity in teams that counts, but diversity in thought, experience and goals that can make all the difference to valuable outcomes and growth. By collaborating with likeminded movements such as She of the Sea, we see a bright future for our entire industry and all within it. We are proud and excited to be a part of a future the world is ready to be. Let's Go!

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