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My career path, pre-yacht recruiting, took me down some different roads, but the common denominator was that all of them saw me working in male dominated industries. As such, on a daily basis I found myself not only striving for excellence (standard) but having to prove my worth as a woman in a man's world.  Since becoming a recruiter I've always pushed to get the right person in the right role, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race. Because that stuff shouldn't matter. And now it's 2020, it REALLY shouldn't. 

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Who are they?

Erica has worked with some of the largest and most prestigious yachts in the world; not that size matters… She thrives on the challenges involved in sourcing crew for all yachts large and small, and treats every single client´s crewing requirements as an individual project. Erica has a vast network throughout the yachting industry and is known internationally as the person to speak to regarding working on yachts - be it your first yacht job, or your twentieth year in the yacht industry. She loves the recruitment side of the yachting industry, that´s why in 2013 she decided to take the next step and launch her own international yacht crew agency.

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erica lay
Assigned Senior Sponsor

Erica Lay has worked in international yacht crew recruitment since 2007. She has developed her own unique way of sourcing and interviewing yacht crew with great success. Having managed two international crew recruitment offices she brings a wealth of ideas and experience with her and has always strived to provide the most professional service to her yacht clients.

Since my early days where I'd meet female deck crew in tears because the agent they'd just seen before me had told them "girls belong in the interior, be a stewardess or fail" I have always encouraged and done my utmost to advise and help these women recognise their strengths. And perhaps more importantly, to realise that when someone says "you shouldn't" that they absolutely should. I'm proud to work with Jenny and Natasha to challenge stereotypes, educate the employers and not just encourage, but stand behind and alongside the next generation of strong women the yachting industry needs.


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