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FHG Marine Engineering

With FHG's co-founder a previous supporter of the UN's International Gender Champions, the importance of signing a pledge like She of the Sea was clear.  We hope to see a yachting industry that fosters greater inclusivity, gender balance, and equal opportunity. Visual and verbal representation is so important in helping change the tide on learned biases and norms. She of the Sea’s initiative is a major driving force in this regard and we're committed to helping reach these goals. It's an honour to sign the pledge. Count us onboard!

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Who are they?

FHG is a concierge yacht and ship maintenance company based in South Florida. FHG specialises in diesel engine service, generators, hydraulics, OWS, HVAC-R, and electrical systems.  We offer a premium one-on-one service for our clients. We believe that good business means caring for the community and being responsible stewards of our environment. At FHG, our goal has been to build a socially conscious, people-oriented business with integrity—a business with heart. As a company in the marine industry, we recognise it is vital to support ocean conservation efforts—understanding that we are intrinsically interconnected. Caring for life above and below the water means ensuring systems run as efficiently as possible to prevent unnecessary harmful bi-products and exploring greener alternatives.

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Katie Hagan 
Chief Operating Officer
Assigned Senior Sponsor

Katie graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Diego with a degree in International Relations. While at USD, she sailed around the world with Semester at Sea on the MV Explorer. As an Asian Studies minor, she later lived and worked abroad in Chongqing, China. Before FHG, she was a humanitarian with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Delegation to the United Nations. 


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