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Favourite part of her job:

I love to be at sea, watching the changing weather conditions and feeling the boat respond to different sea conditions. At sea, we never stop learning and we face new challenges regularly which keeps our minds and bodies active. I also love living and working with other people who are passionate about making our seasons a success and keeping the boat in top condition.
The sense of achievement, as a team, at the end of a sucessful season with guests on, completing a long or ardous voyage, or overcoming a problem together can be very fulfilling. I believe these things are hard to replicate in a job ashore.

Advice for the next generation

Follow your passion, you are much more effective in any position if you love doing it. Life at sea can be demanding but if you love the ocean and the positive parts of the job, you will be able overcome any hurdles.

MCA 3000GT

Motor Yacht "S"



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