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Erica Lay

Favourite part of her job:

Placing people into life changing career positions, where they can continue their professional development and follow their dreams. I love getting happy emails from crew and clients, for me it’s not about volume of placements, it’s about getting the right person into the right job. Obviously the more the merrier but it’s quality over quantity. On another note, I love being able to offer advice and guidance to crew on any aspect of yachting or their career.

Advice for the next generation

Never lower your standards to meet someone else’s. Earn the respect of others, and lead by example. Treat others as you would hope to be treated yourself. Be strong and believe in yourself.

BSc Construction Mgmt (Building Engineer), RYA PB2, Dayskipper, PADI MSDT, DSAT Deep Tech... etc

Elcrew - Recruitment


Land Based

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