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Marja Kok

Favourite part of her job:

Make an interesting and varied initery/travel program for owners/guests, make them feel like travellers/cruisers/explorers (if they are open for this 😉).

Note: after my latest job as captain I actually (temporary) dedicated myself to reducing plastic bottled water on superyachts,

Advice for the next generation

Don’t restrict yourself too quick to one department, try to be all round. Don’t get your kick of being on the biggest yacht, a smaller yacht might give you a better insight in the whole nautical scope and probably a more interesting and varied job. My hope for and trust in the next generation is that they work as environmental friendly as possible, don’t take bad habits for granted and don’t be afraid to try (friendly & polite) to improve environmental habits on board since our oceans and environment are everyone’s responsibility.

Yachtmaster Ocean 200 ton

Sailingyacht 105 ft



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