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Sophie Jordan

Favourite part of her job:

Travelling! Helping children stand up on skis for the first time. Teaching new crew. Sunrises and sunsets at sea. Happy guests, amazing friendships, eating cold watermelon on hot days after a quick swim on a break, dolphins on the bow, jet-ski instructing.
But above all, yachting has taught me to become mentally strong through its challenges and through all the courses and skills I've learnt, it has built my confidence in ways I only dreamt of.

Advice for the next generation

Yachting is not always an easy path to take, but with the right mentality, hard work and dedication you can build an amazing opportunity for yourself, build some beautiful friendships around the World and reap the financial and personal rewards.
Don't get discouraged or give up. Build a team around you that will help and support you.
'What you think, you become' (Buddha) so be confident, learn all those new skills, take the courses and watch your career succeed and your confidence flourish.

Yachmaster Offshore (almost OOW 3000GT)!

Motor, Private

First Officer


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