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We welcome the support of all organisations or individuals that are involved with or neighbouring the yachting industry.  The more diverse the voices, the more united our industry action will be. 

To ensure your organisation is able to meet its commitments to the four Pledge resolutions,  its is a requirement to have five or more active employees/ freelancers. The exceptions being crew agents and training providers due to the data they will be able to contribute.

Organisations that do not currently meet this requirement,  along with synergetic NGO's and initiatives, are welcomed to support the Pledge in the capacity of Supporting Organisation. This means that you support the Pledge and engage with She of the Sea, without the data contribution requirements.  

Yachting Organisations

Yachting industry organisations, including management, crew agents, recruitment, shipyards, law firms, insurance, designers, training providers and anyone else who is directly involved in the yachting industry.

Neighbouring Industries

Neighbouring industries & organisations within the likes of shipping, aviation and environmental awareness and action that can use their voices to champion diversity.

Individuals & Initiatives

Supporting individuals and allied initiatives do not have the commitment obligations but are giving their names in support of the principles embedded in this Pledge by becoming Supporting Organisations and/ or  Ambassador

yachting diversity & inclusion pledge

"We are committed to building practices and cultures that actively facilitate, cultivate and celebrate diversity and inclusion, at all levels, throughout our organisation, and our industry"


The Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

The Pledge is a commitment by She of the Sea and signatory organisations to work together to build a diverse and inclusive Yachting industry. Organisations that sign the pledge represent our industry's early adopters and leaders within this global movement.

The Pledge reflects global aspiration to see diversity and inclusion at all levels realised. A diverse workforce is widely recognised to significantly outperform any other. Areas of particular relevance to our industry include economic performance, improved work cultures, innovation and return on invested capital.


From all corners of yachting, these individuals and organisations are utilising their unique platforms to create an increasingly diverse industry, both ashore and at sea.

By combining efforts from both the shore side and crew sectors, we will see wide spread change that benefits us all.

She of the Sea welcomes interest in the Yachting Diversity & Inclusion Pledge from all organisations and vessels of any type and size.


If you would like more information on the Pledge or you would like to speak to the team about your potential involvement, please contact:

Who is it for?


A Case for Diversity

As global industries strive for growth and the competitive edge, organisations around the world are reshaping their policies and cultures to embrace diversity and inclusion. A part of this conversation is the untapped pool of female talent. The widely recognised benefits of a diverse workplace are driving change.

The latest report from McKinsey & Co further solidifies not only the significant competitive edge diverse and inclusive organisation have over their competition, but the rapidly increasing gap between those that take action and those that don't across every measurable performance indicator. 

Diversity without inclusion is wasted potential. To read some of the latest research on how and why to take action in both areas, we invite you to explore the two reports below.

Change doesn't happen over night, but by signing the Pledge your organisation commits to promote diversity and inclusion by:

Assigning a sponsor

Appoint a member of the senior leadership/management  team to be accountable for  the organisations commitment to the Pledge resolutions

Reporting & Monitoring

Capturing diversity data is important for establishing a baseline and measuring progress. This data will be collated into an industry  annual report.


Adopting a more active  balance and representation in marketing materials, branding and marketing activities. Ensuring diverse voices are equally represented at events, on panels and advisory boards.

visual representation
visual representation
hiring &

Conducting fair recruitment/ placement processes by taking active steps; such as using  balanced shortlists, refining the way roles are advertised and the promotion of staff from within.

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Join Us

If you would like to find out more about the Pledge, and explore what it could mean to join us as Signatories, feel free to reach out directly to 

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