Yachting diversity initiative

The yachting industry's combined commitment to the vision of a high performing and competency focused industry, regardless of gender

United Industry-wide Action

Gender diversity pledge

The Pledge is a commitment by She of the Sea and signatory organisations to work together to build a diverse and inclusive Yachting industry. Organisations that sign the pledge represent our industry's early adopters and leaders within this global movement.

The Pledge reflects global aspiration to see gender balance at all levels realised. A diverse workforce is widely recognised to significantly outperform any other. Areas of particular relevance to our industry include economic performance, improved work cultures, innovation and return on invested capital.


From all corners of yachting, these individuals and organisations are utilising their unique platforms to create an increasingly diverse industry.

By combining efforts from both the shore side and crew sectors, we will see wide spread change that benefits us all.

She of the Sea welcomes interest in the Gender Diversity Pledge from all organisations and vessels of any type and size.


If you would like more information on the Pledge, view the presentation below, or download directly. If you would like to speak to the team about your potential involvement, please contact: jmatthews@sheofthesea.com

Signatories commit to:





What does it mean to become a Signatory?

Gender Diversity handbook

This Gender Diversity Handbook is an aid to be used to assist with meeting the four resolutions.

We take a more in depth look at what they can look like for your organisation, how they can be easily implemented and the positive changes that gender diversity can have on the economic growth of your organisation. 

Change doesn't happen over night, but signing the Pledge is a public commitment to start the conversations and begin the process.


This handbook includes examples of how each of the four resolutions can be achieved, along side a checklist to assist with their implementation.

Additionally, access to our online diversity forum will enable signatories to discuss diversity and inclusion strategies and develop best practices. 

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Signatory Features 

It is important to share with our network which organisations and vessels are actively involved in championing the vision of a diverse industry. To achieve this awareness, we are utilising our highly engaged social media platforms and website to promote signatory engagement.


All signatories have the option to be featured in a searchable database on our website. We encourage our growing network to look to this database when looking for services, employment or products. By giving them the option to support those that support them, we add value to all those involved in moving our industry towards its highest potential.

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My organisation pledges to promote gender diversity by

Assign a Senior Sponsor, to monitor performance in respect to the pledge, actively supporting and promoting adherence to the pledge and its resolutions. In doing this they drive progress forward and make it clear that supporting equality in the workplace is the responsibility of all leaders and managers.

Report and Monitor. Capturing gender diversity data is important for establishing a baseline and measuring progress. It ensures the ability to measure strategic impact while creating accountability.


Visual Representation. Adopting a more active gender balance and representation in marketing materials, branding and marketing activities. Ensuring women are equally represented at events, on panels and advisory boards.

Hiring and Placement. Each organisation is committed to ensuring it conducts fair recruitment/ placement processes by taking active steps; such as using gender balanced shortlists, refining the way roles are advertised or having a specialist diversity recruiter advise them.

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