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Insignia CRew

We do not undertake the signing of any pledge lightly, the cause must also align with our vision, what we believe in, want to stand-by and support. 


She of The Sea is a very much needed and welcomed initiative to the industry.  We have, sadly, been left jaw-droppingly shocked at times by the lack of inclusivity and fairness extended to crew.  Age, weight, height, sex, race and nationality, have all, sometimes, been the deciding factor for a yacht to employ a candidate, or not; of course the only elements to consider in any application should be that of competency, and nothing else. 

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Who are they?

Founded in 2017, with an overwhelming desire to raise the bar in yacht crew appointments, Insignia Crew’s vision is to place outstanding, professional and committed crew into the luxury expedition and superyacht sector.  Insignia Crew is a unique proposition as it specialises in drawing its candidates from an elite pool of men and women who have served in the Armed Forces, with particular focus on Royal Navy and Royal Marines whose maritime skillsets perfectly match the needs of today’s industry.  Insignia Crew’s network honed over 20 years within the sectors at the very heart of the company; the British Armed Forces and the superyacht, maritime security and niche employment industries, provides the knowledge, experience and total desire to deliver this dynamic, premium and credible service to both its candidates and clients.

Annalise Holme
Co- Founder & Director
Assigned Senior Sponsor

My background is TV/Media, I worked in the industry over 12 happy years for a large independent production company and latterly, the BBC.  My last position held was that of General Manager for BBC Studios & Post Production in Bristol where I ran a site of multiple studios, production offices, galleries and edit suites. 

Three wonderful children later I am now proud Co-Founder and Director of Insignia Crew.  I work away ‘behind the scenes’ managing the admin, compliance, finance, marketing and welcoming new candidates aboard whilst my husband, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Andrew, is ‘front of house’, in charge of business development, networking, liaising with clients, mentoring and placing crew; he was the brains behind the idea of our company’s unique selling point.  I am still relatively new to the industry, but Andrew holds a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked in the sectors that make Insignia Crew tick.  Our combined skills, career and life experience make us a pretty good team, although I had to insist on having separate offices in order to keep our marriage intact! 

Other industries are championing diversity and inclusiveness and the superyacht industry should follow suit; it can be done.  With the tremendous driving force behind She of The Sea, we have every faith that things will change for the better, it was an absolute no brainer and honour for us to sign the pledge.


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