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JMS Yachting

JMS was set up because our director think that yacht management can be done better.
We don’t do ‘back-handers’. We don’t tell our clients work needs to be done when it doesn’t. And we don’t hide our accounts and spending. We also value the environment and attach a lot of importance to how the yachting industry can evolve in terms of habits, builts and crew education. In fact, we have recently published an article about Green Yachting which you can find on our website under Help Guides which has then been discussed on SuperYacht Radio. 

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Who are they?

We provide yacht management and crew services. In an industry where everyone is jostling to offer the same services, we believe focusing on the people behind those services and the ways in which they provide them is what really makes the difference. We believe in shared goals, honesty and transparency.

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Rachel fisher
Marketing Manager
Assigned Senior Sponsor

Rachel is half Australian and half Scottish with a Joint Bachelor Degree in Russian and Business & Management. She grew up in France until moving to England for her universities studies. Since the completion of her degree, she has worked in various jurisdictions for a corporate group in Mauritius, she then spent 5 years working for a private real estate fund in Australia before moving back to France working in the event industry in Monaco. Fluent in English, French and Italian with a intermediate level in Russian.


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We want to raise awareness. There has been progress but there is so much more to do. We are also very proud to have a very intelligent and superb woman in our company: Lucia Badano with over 20 years experience in the yachting industry, she is incredibly knowledgeable, smart and a great role model.  We care about diversity and we also try to educate the owners when placing crew.

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