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When I entered the yachting industry in 1993, I often shook my head over how it felt like the last bastion of male chauvinism. Despite being a journalist, I was sometimes treated like "the little lady" by industry reps, and shown straight into the galley of a boat. I was determined to prove my mettle, and further prove that gender has absolutely no bearing on a person's capacity to use his or her brain. I'm proud to support She of the Sea for championing this truth.

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Who are they?

Founded in 2007, is the first, and only, independent website devoted to educating American luxury-yacht owners and buyers. We help these savvy consumers and their representatives make better-informed decisions when it comes to commissioning and using their yachts. Equally important, from day one, we have only published all-original content, for real stories of real interest. The reason is simple: Consumers do not want "churnalism," a.k.a. press releases copied and pasted word for word, nor should they be duped by advertiser-written content masquerading as editorial.

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Diana Byrne
Owner & Editor
Assigned Senior Sponsor

Diane M. Byrne is one of the best-known and highly respected yachting journalists worldwide. Among her nearly 30 years of overall reporting and editing, nearly 25 of them have been in yachting. She founded in 2007 and continues to operate the site today, overseeing all aspects of content creation and design.


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