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When I recommended that the MYBA Association become a Supporting Organisation of She of the Sea, it was no surprise to me that the MYBA board voted unanimously in favour of this. We recognise the urgent need and relevance of the Diversity and Inclusion Pledge to the yachting industry and we wish to become an active player in this movement. We are proud to sign the Pledge and keen to continue embracing the fundamental principle of employment of simply the best candidate, regardless of gender, as witnessed today in the Administration team of the Association itself, as well as its board members. It is of interest to note that the role of the presidency has been occupied by a woman for the past 7 years, a first in the Association’s 36-year long history.   We also wish to heighten our encouragement and endorsement of diversity and inclusion throughout the industry. We will do so through our works and projects, especially those of the Yacht Management committee and the Competency, Education & Training Committee.


MYBA The World Wide Yachting Association
Who are they?

MYBA  is an internationally renowned professional organisation, founded in 1984 to establish quality standards, ethics and foster best business practices in the emerging superyacht market at that time.  Since then its role has broadened to now provide the B2B tools for our sector of the industry and establish dialogue with regulatory bodies for the good of superyachts, their owners and crews, our members and their clients.
MYBA’s members are involved at many levels within the Superyacht Industry represented in the fields of brokerage, charter, technical  management and construction of large yachts.
MYBA’s members and lawyers write the standard industry contracts, the MYBA Charter Agreement and the MYBA MoA Sales & Purchase Agreement which are used worldwide.
Owners and Charterers should always check they are working with a MYBA Company to ensure they have adequate protection.

Assigned Senior Sponsor

I personally was very motivated to sign up, having witnessed a severe lack of diversity during my 35-year yachting career, initially witnessed as a crew placement agent, then as a charter broker for over 30 years. It would have been unthinkable in the 80’s to have women holding navigational, deck or engineering roles.  While this has changed most noticeably in the past few years, that change has been too modest. Equally, there has been, and remains, a glass ceiling on women brokers’ careers, impeding their access to the highest level of the industry.  As equal opportunity gains momentum, the timing is right for MYBA to lend its support to She of the Sea. I have every faith in the commitment and vision of Jenny Matthews and Natasha Ambrose, and MYBA is proud to join the ranks of the other prestigious Supporting Organisations and Signatories to the Pledge.

Coralyn Tracey - She of the Sea
coralyn tracey
Executive Officer


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