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Superyacht radio

Although considered a ¨niche¨ industry, having talked with hundreds of people during the past few years, we have seen how many ways the ´Superyacht Industry´  overlaps with many other marine, luxury, travel, hospitality to name a few throughout the world, and the 100.000s of people who are employed as a result. I believe it can be a solid platform that innovations, philanthropy, ecology, cultural, and gender equity can be developed, lead the way and have a knock on effect throughout the maritime industry.


Organisations like She of the Sea highlight and bring forth these discussions in the industry, and are necessary to make the changes and create the role models we need for the future, and we are proud to be part of it, and help bring that ¨voice¨ for further opportunities for all to our station.

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Who are they?

SuperYacht Radio since 2017 is the only radio station focused on the superyacht industry . We bring you live shows with information of the superyacht and marine industry, international news, interviews with those who work onboard, onshore, and all around our global industry, as well as 24/7 music.

Maeve Dempsey
Assigned Senior Sponsor


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