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As a small and growing business in this fantastic industry, we are proud to be part of the new age of companies driving change and challenging the status quo. Whilst our product has been doing this by challenging processes and archaic systems, Team Voly are passionate about being part of the ethical and environmental changes happening across the industry. Our system is designed to allow a paperless accounting system both on-board and ashore and we take our CSR seriously. We have a small but diverse team and share so many of the values as well as the concerns, that SOTS stands for. 

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Who are they?

Voly is changing the way the industry looks at yacht financial management. We provide real-time visibility of expenditure and a full suite of reports for crew, management and family offices. We strive to provide a platform that drives efficiencies and takes away the pain of financial administration whilst giving our users confidence in the integrity and transparency of their accounts. We know that our clients provide a 7* service in everything they do so we provide the same level of care and support for them.

ian flanagan
Assigned Senior Sponsor

Ian Flanagan, Founder & Group CEO of Voly, was born and brought up in North Wales playing tennis from the age of 3 to 21 years old. Ian became a professional, global tennis player, winning a Youth Olympic Gold medal before retiring due to injury. This created the drive to set up a number of successful businesses across multiple sectors, eventually leading to the establishment of Voly Ltd in 2016.  Now married with a family, living in Cheshire, Ian’s goal is to continue his passion for business and expand Voly.


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 We signed this pledge because we want to support this fantastic team of people in their quest to ensure that the yachting space is a safe place of equality, where fantastic opportunities can be created for anyone.

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