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Within our team we have more females than males, including those in senior positions such as our CFO, Charter and Sales Fleet Manager, Yacht Manager, Crew Recruitment and various other roles, and we as a company fully support the She of the Sea pledge and purpose. 

Our Managing Director Geoff, himself a Master Mariner, said -

West Nautical She of the Sea
Who are they?

"When I was in commercial shipping working on Cruise Ships, there was a lot more diversity with female bridge officers than I've seen in yachting. I was working within an environment where  not only were there females navigators but large numbers of senior three and four strip female officers within the hotel and catering departments which were vital for the passenger enjoyment onboard. I grew up in the culture where this was normal and expected and was surprised when I joined the yachting industry that the 'norm' was 'boys on the outside and girls on the inside', with anyone bucking the trend witnessing discrimination. I have seen over the last decade a lot more females coming through the ranks in the deck department, more so than in the engineering side, and I am passionate about promoting this diversity and look forward to the day when it is not needed to be done."

Since our inception over 20 years ago, West Nautical have become recognised as one of the most respected, trusted, knowledgable, and accountable professional services firms in yachting – largely due to our relentless determination to act in our clients’ best interests. Our aim is to steer clients in the right direction, help them avoid frustrations, unforeseen surprises, and provide complete assurance that the technical and operational aspects of superyacht ownership are taken care of. Our approach and attitude is transparent, refreshing and focused on providing value-added services delivered simply, elegantly and affordably. So if you demand excellence, personal attention and tangible results, then West Nautical may be just what you are looking for.

Assigned Senior Sponsor
Geoff Moore West Nautical
Managing Director

Geoff has a background in both Commercial Shipping and Yachting as a Class 1 Master Mariner, qualified as a DPA, CSO and Internal Auditor with an Honours Degree in Marine Operations.Geoff has sailed up to the rank of Chief Officer on commercial vessels; varying from passenger ships, ferries, dredgers, bulk carriers and deep-sea tugs, along with having served onboard 6 superyachts varying from 52 to 138 meters up to the rank of Relief Master.


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