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whitehorse Maritime

The yachting industry rightly demands only the best but we can't hope to achieve that if our talent pool excludes over half of the population. This Pledge, and She of the Sea's wider agenda, are vital steps in the right direction to ensure that our industry has access to the best possible talent, trained to the highest standards and that every voice has a place at the table.

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Who are they?

Our agile team of Master Mariners and other specialists deliver exceptional training and bespoke advice, based on real-world, recent experience, to crew, yachts and management companies across our industry.

Assigned Senior Sponsor
paul naranjo shepherd

Paul Shepherd is a Master Mariner with a BSc (Honours - 1st Class) in Marine Operations Management and Director of Whitehorse Maritime Limited. Prior to founding Whitehorse Maritime, Paul had a successful and varied career, initially onboard P&O and Princess Cruises, an environment where training, safety culture, communications and Bridge Resource Management are refined to the highest levels.


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