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yachting international radio

YIR is a multi platform media outlet that from the beginning has made it our ethos to give voice to those that have previously been unheard. From Mental Health, Equality, Diversity and the Environment. It is time for a change and the only way for that to happen is to not only open up the conversations, but to provide solutions. This pledge is just one more way to raise awareness within the industry and to back like minded individuals in the further education and change that needs to happen.

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Who are they?

Yachting International Radio was founded as a result of a desire to give a voice to worldwide crew in the Yachting Industry. From small yachts with only one or two crew, to the large superyachts with crew into the triple digits. From the little things that impact your daily life, to the larger issues like employment and environment, Yachting International Radio is YOUR voice.

rhea rouw
Assigned Senior Sponsor

Yachting International Radio hit the airwaves on February 14, 2019. Founder Rhea Rouw had been in radio for 28 years and wanted to bring her unique expertise to the Yachting Industry. Within 2 months, she quickly realised that Video had indeed killed the radio star back in the 80's, as today, with the addition of so many different ways of listening to music your way, people don't often tune into radio anymore. After some additional research, she realised that in order to reach the Yachting Industry, there would need to be Video, Podcasts, live and interactive. A NEW Yachting International Radio was born.


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