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After 15 years on board yachts from deckhand to captain and now 3 years running YOA Yacht Crew, I have seen my fair share of discrimination not only with gender but also age, nationality and the LGBTQ community. I've been following the incredible journey of Jenny, Natasha and SOTS since creation and am very excited they are starting to make a real difference in a very old school industry. This industry can sometimes test our morals so it's the like of SOTS who can help make it better for us all.

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Who are they?

YOA is a powerful, professional and interactive community of yacht crew creating genuine connections and recording an invaluable history of their professional career on board the yachts. YOA's aim is to help individuals who will add value to the yachts, people and companies they are employed with. It is the crew that makes a yacht successful and we hope to do our part to ensure that the process of hiring crew and finding positions on board is streamlined, fair, cost effective and most importantly as honest as possible.

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Tom Aveling 
Assigned Senior Sponsor

I helped create YOA from a desire not only to make it easier to find the best crew for my yacht, but also to enable potential candidates to choose the right yacht for themselves. Choosing the wrong yacht, or the wrong crew member, does nothing but cost everyone time, money and frustration. We want to help avoid this.

It is my hope that YOA will change the way yachts are crewed in an honest and open environment.


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