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"The art of good business is being a good middleman" - in our case, it's good middle women...recruiters are indeed in the middle, championing candidates to captains and clients and representing yachts and  clients to our candidates. Whilst we are not the ultimate decision makers, good recruiters influence the decision making process and have a responsibility to promote diverse backgrounds and promote the best skills irrespective of gender, nationality and race. 

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As a French woman starting a business in an Anglo Saxon industry I was particularly sensitive to diversity and the ethos of YPI CREW has always been to be inclusive and champion candidates who may not be the obvious choice.  I found out about the pledge through my colleague Louise and am very pleased for us to participate as a company.

Who are they?

YPI CREW has been the go-to yacht crew agency since 2002 and the recruitment partner of the most discerning yacht captains, yacht owners and candidates. From our Antibes office in the South of France, we source and recruit the best yacht crew worldwide, from deckhands to captains, engineers, chefs and interior crew. Our specialist recruiters have built a strong reputation as leading experts in their respective departments. As such, they have built large networks of talented professionals and are able to efficiently and successfully identify the best crew for the demanding luxury yachts of today.

Assigned Senior Sponsor
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Laurence Lewis

Laurence has been at the helm of YPI CREW since 2002, steering a course through the ever-changing and increasingly challenging environment of human resources in yachting. Building a team of highly talented specialist recruiters for over a decade.

Laurence started out her career in recruitment two decades ago, in 1993. She has worked for some of the sector’s most demanding employers, including Elite Medical Services, based in London’s Belgravia.


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